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Everyday Is Like Sunday is a comedy/drama aiming the lens at post-collegiate characters stuck between their imminently-ending youth and impending adulthood. The film follows Mark, Jason, and Flora, as they realistically attempt to pull themselves out of economic and emotional doldrums.


Everyday Is Like Sunday is a micro-budget feature film. It is written by Pavan Moondi & Michael Sloane, and directed by Pavan Moondi.

Everyday Is Like Sunday is produced by Brian Robertson and Pavan Moondi (Daylight On Mars Pictures) in collaboration with iThentic & Riddle Films.

Cast & Crew

David Dineen-Porter (Mark)
David is an actor, writer, stand-up comedian and musician from Toronto, Canada. He is perhaps best known for L’Brondelle’s Universe, a transmedia property he created and starred-in that went viral in 2007. David performs regularly in Toronto and is a part of the Laugh Sabbath group of associated comedians. McSweeney’s has published David’s writing, and his comedy has been endorsed by the likes of Reggie Watts and Eugene Mirman.

Adam Gurfinkel (Jason)
Adam is a Toronto-based musician and composer. The multi-instrumentalist is a prolific songwriter, having penned over 2700 songs. He has released material as Uum and grfnkl, including the EP Wijom on Reel Cod Records. Adam is also the musical director and primary composer for The Seventh Art, a video magazine about cinema.

Coral Osborne (Flora)
Coral is a musician and actress. She comes from a musical family (the daughter of 54-40‘s Neil Osborne), has collaborated with Buck 65, previously led the band The Blue Violets and has appeared in a number of music videos. She previously acted in a no-budget, 22-minute pilot for Everyday Is Like Sunday directed by Pavan Moondi in 2010.

Bo Martyn (Anelie)
Bo is a Toronto-based actress with training in improv comedy from the Second City Training Centre. She has appeared in a number of short films.

Nick Thorburn (Damien)
Nick was the co-founder of the much loved indie band The Unicorns. He currently leads numerous bands including Islands, Mister Heavenly and Human Highway. He has also released a solo album under his moniker, Nick Diamonds. A big fan of comedy with a film school background, Everyday Is Like Sunday represents Nick’s first foray into acting.

Dan Werb (Cartwright)
Dan is front man for the popular band Woodhands, and he also releases music as part of Grapes Godly and Ark Analog. He previously hosted National Alarm on CBC Radio. Dan appears in a cameo role in Everyday Is Like Sunday.

Nick Flanagan (Joey)
Nick is a stand-up comedian who also stars in the web series Moderation Town; co-hosts The Official Danko Jones Podcast; has released a stand-up comedy album, I’m Here All Weak; and is a fixture in the Toronto comedy scene. Nick appears in a cameo role in Everyday Is Like Sunday.

Behind The Camera

Pavan Moondi (Director, Co-writer, Producer)
Pavan co-wrote, produced, and directed Everyday Is Like Sunday. Through his production company, Daylight On Mars Pictures, he also directs and produces a film-centric interview series called The Seventh Art, which has featured Peter Bogdanovich, Thomas Vinterberg, Joe Swanberg, and many others. Pavan is currently writing and preparing to direct his second feature.

Brian Robertson (Producer)
Brian is a Toronto-based artist and producer who has written and directed short films for See Daylight Pictures. He is currently producing content alongside Pavan Moondi under their Daylight On Mars Pictures banner. He is currently collaborating with writer Reece Crothers on a television series entitled Brooklyn Zoo.

Press Materials

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About the tone and approach…

While Everyday Is Like Sunday is a comedy, our main guiding principle is to be as emotionally authentic as possible, and to present characters that – despite being funny or oftentimes sarcastic – are also capable of moments of sincerity. We cut out any joke that felt even remotely dishonest. If it felt false, it was wrong.

While we take inspiration from the indie, DIY sensibilities present in the mumblecore films from the early naughts – for instance, Andrew Bujalski’s Funny Ha Ha – the film, which moves quickly and is very accessible, equally takes its cue from Seinfeld, John Cassavetes, and Whit Stillman, too. Such an archive inspires Everyday Is Like Sunday through our focus on neurotic, overly analytical relationships, interior problems (as Cassavetes once put it, “the problems that show through your face“) and the snide yet sharp wit featured in urbanite rapport.

Everyday Is Like Sunday stars a combination of prominent young comedians from Toronto’s burgeoning alt-comedy scene (David Dineen-Porter, Nick Flanagan), popular indie musicians taking their first crack at acting (Nick Diamonds of The Unicorns and Islands; Dan Werb of Woodhands), and first-time actors (Adam Gurfinkel, Coral Osborne).

The film contrasts a documentary aesthetic with dramatically composed, cinematic montages swiftly incorporating music and imagery of the streets of Toronto in a wholly unique way.

Ultimately, Everyday Is Like Sunday is a film for people who are in their twenties and want to stay there, and for people who never left. It’s about the feeling you get when you realize you’re getting older and yet your life isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would; when possibilities are diminishing as fast as your bank balance; and when you know this predicament is probably entirely your fault.

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