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Music plays a big role in Everyday Is Like Sunday.

The film features original music from Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers, as well as two tracks from Adam Gurfinkel, who also stars in the film as Jason.

Other artists featured in the film include:

Saharan Gazelle Boy (I’m Not Tired, See, Cupid’s Song)
Islands (Where There’s a Will There’s a Whalebone)
Wild Nothing (Live in Dreams)
Eight and a Half (Go Ego, The Turn Around)
Kathryn Calder (Turn a Light On, Original Music)
Adam Gurfinkel (Loner Moaner, Flow my Tears)
Beliefs (Catch my Breath)
Little Girls (Delaware)
Hisland (Virginia, Balloon Lungs)
Blonde Elvis (I Want to be a Stranger)
Young Mother (High Fashion)
Yacht Club (Flash)
The Hussy (SFB)
The Rest (Hey for Horses)
The Folk (Rules of Youth)
Castle If (Music for Pale People)
Hinindar (New Drink)
How Sad (Check it Out)

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