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Now on Netflix Canada (Update: also, iTunes!)

Now on Netflix Canada (Update: also, iTunes!)

Thanks to the fine folks at Mongrel Media, EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY is now available to stream on Netflix Canada. This is pretty exciting, and was one of the goals we had for the film’s distribution from the outset. If you missed it during its theatrical run in Toronto, please give it a watch and tell your friends!
Here’s a direct link.

Update (Aug. 5th/14): We’ve also just launched on iTunes Canada for both rent/purchase!

We shot a new film! (Diamond Tongues)

We shot a new film! (Diamond Tongues)

We just wrapped a new feature film called Diamond Tongues and I’m super excited about it! It likely won’t be out until late 2014, but you can track the film’s progress and learn more about it at its website: www.diamondtongues.com.

BUT Everyday Is Like Sunday updates are still to come here – specifically where and when you’ll be able to see it if you missed it’s theatrical release.

Or you can just follow me on Twitter if you don’t make a habit of frequenting web sites for films you haven’t seen.

Talk soon!

Mongrel Media acquires EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY

Mongrel Media acquires EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY

Mongrel Media has picked up EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY!

From Playback Online:

Mongrel Media has picked up the home entertainment and digital rights to Pavan Moondi’s Everyday Is Like Sunday.

The indie distributor picked up all rights, excluding theatrical, to the comedy/drama from iThentic, Daylight on Mars Pictures and Riddle Films.

Everyday Is Like Sunday, which had a theatrical release in August 2013, is written by Moondi and Michael Sloane and produced by Brian Robertson and Moondi.

The film stars David Dineen-Porter, Nick Flanagan, Nick Thorburn, Dan Werb, Coral Osborne, Adam Gurfinkel and Bo Martyn.

Mongrel plans a digital release of Everyday Is Like Sunday, including VOD and iTunes, followed by broadcast in summer 2014.

We’re very excited to be working with such a great distributor and for the film’s continued life – especially considering how often it felt like this dang project was going to fall apart over the last couple years. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film, acted as an extra, contributed music, or came out to see it in Toronto or New York. And of course, much appreciation to Mongrel for supporting such a tiny film.

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